Guanaja Honduras

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Wed 11 Apr 2012 19:03

16:27.5913N 085:50.0516W


Wed Apr 11 2012


We are back in Guanaja getting ready to leave for Isla Mujeres MX. If the weather holds we’ll be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) evening and arriving by Sunday morning.


I’ve been asked why I don’t make more blog entries, well it’s hard to write about nothing. For the past month we’ve been at anchor in Roatan and our days go something like this: AM – boat maintenance; PM swimming, reading, napping or visiting with other boaters. Then dinner, some more reading and then to bed before 9PM.


There are some days when the routine varies – Saturday morning is grocery day; a bus takes us to the store so it makes the trip easy. Then there is laundry day – it takes a couple of hours as there is only one washer/dryer. Life can be very stressful when sitting at anchor.


Since we are reading a lot of books I suppose we could post book reviews – naa, that’s too much like work.