Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sun 26 Dec 2010 16:10

Sunday December 26, 2010 11:30 AM


We are now in a marina as the winds are blowing about 20 knots and forecast to go higher. We could have stayed at anchor, but we would not have felt comfortable leaving the boat to go ashore so

here we are.


So after arriving early Wednesday morning we relaxed on the boat and caught up on our sleep after the overnight trip from Lucaya. We anchored near the Atlantis resort.




This is a cruise ship destination so every morning 4 or 5 come in for the day. They come in at about 30 minute intervals and had to time our arrival so we could motor in between two of them.




Notice the yellow boat in the foreground. Later in the day another boat anchored behind him and then during the night the wind changed and increased in speed. About 5 AM we heard horns and rushed on deck just as the yellow boat and the one that anchored behind him – the two boats were tangled together, dragged into us. The other boat hit our toe rail and left a foot long crack/gouge in it. While alongside the yellow boat was able to untangle himself and drifted free, but the other boat was stuck to us. Fortunately someone in a dinky was between us so we weren’t hitting but it took me a couple of minutes to figure out why the other boat had stopped drifting. Then I say that his anchor was hooked on our anchor chain. Once we freed that he drifted away. So here’s what the guy did to us. Fortunately he has offered to pay for a repair, I just need to find out how much it will cost.


The wind is forecast to increase to 20 knots or greater for the next couple of days so that’s why we are in a marina.




On Thursday the police had us move because they felt we were too close to the ferry dock. All day Thursday the winds blew at 20 knots or more and I felt good about how our anchor was set. About 4 AM the winds had shifted about 20 degrees and we started a slow drag. Fortunately no damage this time but we did get to re-anchor in the middle of the night.


Friday the winds we calm se we went into town. With all the cruise ships the downtown was packed. We did stop and watch a policeman direct traffic. (It’s amazing how little it takes to keep us entertained these days.)




Friday night we went out with a group and had dinner at a local fish stand. Of course we got to watch the lady pull the conch meat out of the shell. She showed us how to hold the shell and use the hammer to break the shell where the animal attaches itself.




Once the shell is broken in the correct spot the animal slides right out




After dinner we walked around the Atlantis resort. It’s an impressive place complete with 2 large aquariums. We walked through both aquariums and found out afterwards that non-guests are normally charged $30 to see them. No one was there to take our money so how were we to know?


Are plans are to be here until at least Tuesday and then head south to the Exumas.