Yorktown Again

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Wed 20 Oct 2010 22:25

37:15.3866N 076:28.5985W


Wednesday October 20, 2010 7 PM


This was supposed to be a short day, but the winds were with us and it never really rained very hard so we put in a full day and made it to Yorktown Va. We plan on spending 2 nights here and tomorrow we’ll do some grocery shopping plus I have a couple or routine maintenance things to do on the boat which will fill the rest of the day.


One thing I’ve noticed is the large number of boats heading south. Since we left the Potomac yesterday afternoon I’ve see at least 10 boats a day all headed south – nothing headed north. Since we are taking a route less traveled I have to think I’m not seeing the same boats each day. Also the radio is full of chatter between boats trying to decide where to stop for the night and trying to get into marinas. I guess we won’t be the only boat in the lock going through the Dismal Swamp.