Thoughts on Clearwater

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Thu 10 Jun 2010 01:19

We’ll be leaving Clearwater in the morning and it has been an enjoyable stay. Clearwater has a pier that we walked out on and here are a couple of pictures from the pier.





From where we were standing to take these pictures, a dauphine was swimming along the beach directly under us. It surfaced about 5 yards from a couple swimming. I’m sure it surpised them.


Today we took a ride on the Jolly Trolley – no kidding that’s what it’s called. Jolley Trolley.jpg It covers most of Clearwater Beach in less than an hour but was a good way to see the area. It also stopped at the grocery store so we were able to get some shopping done.


The big event for me was a haircut – yeha can you tell I’m retired? Actually the municipal marina had a barber shop so I figured why not.


In the afternoon it was more beach time and then get the boat ready for tomorrow’s departure. Here’s another picture of the beach,



And here is the boat at anchor. The anchorage has had land all around so is very well protected. This picture was taken from the shore where we parked the dink.