Moving South in Belize

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Fri 10 Jun 2011 21:16

16:48.147N 088:16.104W


Friday June 10, 2011 4PM


Today we continued our slow motor south through Belize. We’re doing about 25 miles a day because we want to arrive in Guatemala on Monday. If we arrive on the weekend we have to pay overtime for the customs/immigration officials.


We’re motoring because there is no wind. I downloaded the weather file today and where I would normally see wind arrows there were none. I thought there was a problem with the file until I looked ahead a couple of days and realized that the missing arrows meant no wind.


Last night we had the wind – about 2:30 AM a squall came through with winds over 35 knots. We were anchored between two islands and near several shallow areas and I was concerned (concerned being an understatement) about dragging. We didn’t move but the anchor buried itself so well it was hard to get it free this morning. The night before there were also squalls but we were still at sea so it didn’t bother us too much.


Today we are anchored in an area that gives us protection from the nighttime squalls and room to drag if that should happen.


Yesterday I realized our second water pump was leaking, so on went my 3rd and final one. It too leaks because I had to find a replacement for one of the screws that holds the impeller cover on. I’m afraid I might over tighten it since it is stainless and the pump is brass. I could easily strip the threads in the pump so we’re living with a slow drip.