Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sat 18 Dec 2010 01:08

26:29.6678N 078:41.5442W


Friday December 17, 2010 8PM


We made it to Lacaya in the Bahamas. The crossing was a non-event. The winds were light and variable, the seas fairly calm (a least compared to our trip south from Charleston) it was one long night of motoring. The cat got sick – to be expected, and Roberta didn’t feel well – not to be expected. Roberta has a touch of the flu so although she didn’t get sea sick she wasn’t her normal chipper self.


Interesting note – I had watched the weather and decided Thursday night was the time to go and then had to decide when to leave our anchorage. We were going to cross at night but I wanted to be in the Atlantic before dark. It was going to take an hour to motor to the pass to the ocean, sunset at 5:30 PM so the latest time to leave was 4:30. I decided I wanted some extra time just in case something happened so decided to leave at 3 PM. As it turns out 6 other boats, none that I knew, followed the same logic, so seven of us all left within minutes of each other.


We docked around 8:30 AM and were finally cleared through customs/immigration around 2 pm. Island time at its finest. There were five boats waiting to clear in, and first the immigration officer showed up, and later the customs guy. Neither was in a rush, but now all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed and most importantly all fees paid so now we can tour the islands.


Since the official paperwork took so long we didn’t get out and see anything – that’s tomorrow.


We are also staying in a marina for the first time since leaving Houston. The price was right, almost unbelievably right, and the boat hasn’t been washed since we left Houston. So soon we’ll have a freshly washed boat. One thing we can see is the bottom of the boat in the clear water – it needs a cleaning too.


Since we’ve only seen the marina we haven’t taken any pictures yet, we should take some tomorrow. Anyone interested in seeing what the marina looks like here is its web site