FW: We gotta get out of here

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 27 Jul 2010 23:09

This was originally sent on the 25th but discovered it did not make it to the blog so I’m resending.


July 25, 2010 10 PM


We’ve  still in St Augustine and if all goes well we’ll be leaving Thursday, that appears to give us the best weather window. Last night Roberta and I both agreed we had been here too long. It’s a nice area and we have taken care of many of the small repairs that we have put off, but it’s still time to move on.


We have an interesting neighbor. Here’s a pic of his boat.



It is a work in progress – the other day the owner and a buddy delivered several sheets of plywood by dinghy. Well it took  2 dinghies, one with the 2 guys and the other with the ply stacked on it. They moved slow and easy so didn’t have any problems, although moving the ply onto the boat was interesting to watch.


Something we have seen twice here and that’s two trees growing together. This is not two of the same type, but two different trees like this oak and palm. The oak tree goes completely around the palm. (You know I’m getting bored when I start to talk about the trees.)




We were out wandering the streets the other day and drifted into 3 different stores. The first one was playing music from the Who, the second one Jethro Tull and the last one Sonny and Cher. I felt like I was in a time warp.


Our cruising plans have had an ‘unforeseen’ turn. It seems that Roberta will be a grandmother. (Not sure what that makes me, other than old.) The blessed event is scheduled for late Feb, and it’s one of those things that, unlike our plans, that won’t change much. Anyone with a math background is thinking late Feb minus 9, that means late May, just before we left. I knew I should have put then in separate rooms when they were on the boat. As a future husband of a grandmother, I guess I’ll also need to start pulling up my pants until I get the waist band up around my arm pits.


Now we are trying to decide where we want to be. Actually we know where Roberta will be – it’s the boat, the cat and me that will need a place to hang out. If we head south as planned, St Thomas, BVI, St Maartin, and Antigua are on the short list – I can think of worse places.