Leaving Key West Tomorrow

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sun 27 Jun 2010 01:36

Saturday June 26, 2010 10PM


Tomorrow we will finally be leaving Key West. The winds have shifted enough that we may even get some sailing in. Our destination however is not so clear. We will initially be heading for Marathon, but if the Gulf Stream is not too rough we may headed for points further north, like Stuart or Vero Beach Fl. We just don’t know.


The last 2 days we’ve been about as lazy as two people could be. Friday we laid around the boat and read, but did manage to get to the grocery store and today it was more reading with a trip to the beach. Here is one view of the beach,



And here is the view I preferred – flat on my back with nothing to do.



Thongs: Today there were a couple of ladies in thongs on the beach. I admire (in more ways than one) any woman who wears a thong on the beach. If you are one of these people, a word of advice; if you must bend over to pick something up please be aware of what or who is behind you.