Conception Island

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 5 Apr 2011 02:17

23:50.95N 075:07.50W


Original posting date – March 29, 2011


I send a posting while anchored at Conception Island but it never appeared on the blog so this is a repost, but with pictures.


Conception is a national park that is just a couple of square miles and uninhabited. This makes it a very nice place to visit


There are only a couple of ‘safe’ places to anchor and we picked the northwest end of the island along with several other boats. We had settled weather so were able to go take the dinghy around the northern end of the island along what is normally the windy side of the island. (When the winds are blowing it’s no place to be in a boat.)


As we headed down the northeast side of the island we worked our way around the coral head to a nice beach area.


Here’s Roberta checking the beach wildlife




We climbed to the top of the hill behind Roberta and here’s the view. We came around the point in the distance and the dark spots are the coral heads we had to navigate through. The little brown area to the right of the picture is a coral head sticking out of the water. Of course we chose low tide to start this trip so much of the coral was 3’ or less under the water




And one last shot from the area




From here we continued down the eastern side of the island until we came to another bay. Since it is an uninhabited island we expected to have the next bay to ourselves as well, but discovered another 4-sum already sitting in lawn chairs under their umbrellas – so much for having the place to ourselves.


We were traveling with another couple – Ken and Becky from Polaris, and in the bay we found that other cruisers had set up a picnic area using the junk that had washed ashore. So here we are enjoying lunch




Despite all the plastic trash on the beach, it was still a pretty place.




This was my birthday and Roberta whipped some birthday brownies