Our Last Night in Belize

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sat 11 Jun 2011 22:03

16:23.110N 088:27.550W


Saturday June 11, 2011 5PM


We are anchored by Great Monkey Cay – not much to see, no houses or people, but it is out of the wind.


Last night there weren’t any squalls – they waited until we were raising the anchor to show up. Once the anchor was up we were able to motor around the worst of things so all we got was a wet boat – fortunately not much wind in the storms.


A manatee swam up to the boat while we were at anchor. It stuck its head up and we stared at each other for about 5 seconds and then the manatee went under water. He didn’t move away from the boat and about 30 seconds later he lifted his head out of the water again. We watched each other for several seconds and then must have realized that a manatee is judged by the company he keeps so he dove down and swam away.


As you can see it was a dull day – all motoring no wind to sail