Isla Mujeres Still

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sun 22 May 2011 15:46

Sunday May 22 2011 10AM


We are still in Isla Mujeres but will be leaving tomorrow for Puerto Morelos.


No blog posts for a while because of mayor computer problems. We left Marathon with 2 ½ working computers and shortly after arriving in Isla Mujeres we were down to one. Roberta computer was the only one working and it runs Windows 7 (64 bit for the techies) and the navigation and communication software I had did not work on that system. I’ve spent much of my time here trying to fix things and now we are back to 1 ½ computers.


By ½ computer I mean one that will start but only in the ‘Safe’ mode. For the non-techies, the safe mode only loads the minimum required to run the computer and it limits the types of devices I can connect to it. At best right now, it’s only useful for e-mail.


While in Puerto Morelos I hope to be able to rebuild the non-working computer and be almost back to normal.