Great Bahama Bank

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Sun 10 Apr 2011 23:22

25:29.1000N 078:19.1840 W


Sunday April 10, 2011  7:30PM


We’ve rushed back through the Exumas and our next stop is the Florida Keys. Once back in the states we should be in Marathon Fl by Tuesday night.


Right now was are slowly sailing across the Great Bahamas Bank. It’s a 60 mile trip and we have 14 hours to do it so we aren’t in any rush. We are crossing the bank at night and there is an island and pass to contend with at the end before we get out into the Gulf Steam so I don’t want to arrive there until first light. We are sailing at about 2-4 knots in about 8 knots of wind – at some point the engine will need to be started, but until then we’re enjoying the relaxed sailing.