Elizabeth City Wrapup

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 10 Aug 2010 02:22

August 9, 2010 9 PM


We left Elizabeth City today but I had some pictures and comments to add.


Elizabeth City is the home of the Rose Buddies. I know how it sounds, but in 1983 a couple of guys started giving roses to the women who stopped at the town docks. They also helped the people dock their boats. It’s a neat tradition to welcome people to the town and the tradition continues today. Most if not all the Rose Buddies are retirees and aren’t always around especially in the off season when we stopped. However one gentleman took it upon himself to ensure Roberta got some flowers.




Elizabeth city has about 10 free slips (48 hr max stay) and a sea wall where oversized boats can tie up. Here is a shot of the dock area,




And here are two more shots as I panned the camera to the right





One funny thing happened the first day there. The owner of the power boat in the first of the harbor pictures started up his engines while it was still tied up. Then for some unknown reason he put it in gear and added power. (Probably alcohol was involved.) Well the boat surged forward taking up all the slack in the dock lines and then stopping. About this time the owner realized his mistake and went to neutral. The line pulled the boat backwards and the swim platform hit the seawall and made a pretty good cracking noise. At this point the owner shut down the engines and spent several minutes standing on his swim platform checking out the new crack.


Yesterday we did our grocery shopping. There is a sign with a phone number to call and the store will send someone to drive you to the store. There was another couple who also wanted to go to the store so when we called we told them there were four of us. A pickup was sent for us. Not a nice extended cab, but one of the small ones with a single seat. So all four of us jumped in the back and enjoyed the ride as it beats walking.


We were going to leave Elizabeth City yesterday after grocery shopping but were enjoying the company of our fellow pickup passengers so decided to stay an extra night and enjoy their company.