Normans Cay Bahamas

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Fri 31 Dec 2010 00:36

24:36.1314N 076:49.4971W


December 30, 2010 8PM


We had a nice sail today, but we only went 12 miles so the sail was short lived. We are anchored in the lee of Normans Cay as the winds blow at close to 20 knots. If the winds don’t let up tomorrow we may spend another day here otherwise we’re off to Shroud Cay.


In the late 1970’s Normans Cay belonged to a major drug dealer who used the airfield to move drugs between Columbia and the US. The drug dealer is now serving life without parole plus 135 years. I’m not sure how the 135 year part is handled.


Normans Cay is also know for the airplane that sits in the water near the runway – it’s often used in adds for the Bahamas. It was a new plane to be used in the drug trade but it had a problem after a touch and go landing at the airport and ended up in the bay.