Crisfield Md

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 24 Aug 2010 01:00

37:58.600N 075:51.624W


Monday August 23, 2010 9PM


We spent 2 nights in Crisfield which was one too many. We would have left on Sunday but we  would have had to work our way through thundershowers so we chickened out.


Good things about Crisfield – excellent harbor to anchor in, there is a grocery store close by and laundry was amongst the cheapest we have found. There are a number of seafood restaurants nearby but I can’t comment on those since we didn’t try any.


The bad – Crisfield is not a well to do town. Walking to the grocery store we passed 2 condemned houses and there were a couple of others that should have been. We took a different route walking back which was a tad nicer, but still the downtown is not a place where we would venture in at night. The marina has a fence around it and they lock the gates at night - one of the reasons we didn’t go out to dinner.


The area didn’t even rate any pictures so it was on to Solomons MD.