North Palm Beach

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 14 Dec 2010 02:00

26:50.2217N 080:03.1725W


Monday December 13, 2010 9 PM


On Saturday and Sunday we motored down the ICW to North Palm Beach. It was a nice trip where nothing exciting happened. Roberta has noticed we have entered the world of mega yachts and houses to match. No shortage of money in this area.


Sunday afternoon shortly after we arriver the winds in the anchorage started blowing out of the northwest at 20 knots and built during the night and stayed in 25 knot range all day. The forecast calls for the winds to continue to be above 15 knots until Tuesday night. So far I seen a gust of 38 kts here in the anchorage and it's worse offshore. The Gulf stream is a little bouncy at the moment with steep 10 foot waves. Right now it looks like the weather will cooperate for a Wednesday crossing to the Bahamas. There are probably 60 boats here waiting for the weather so Wednesday should see a mass exodus.


I have a wind generator on the boat and have been a little disappointed about the amount of power it puts out. Sitting here at anchor I’ve discovered that it just needed more wind. At 20 knots and above it seems to put out a fair amount of electricity, I’ve also discovered that it’s pretty uncomfortable to be in an anchorage with 20 knots or more of wind; the boat bounces around and there is the fear of dragging.