Still in Key West

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Thu 24 Jun 2010 14:30

Thursday June 24, 2010 11AM


We are still in Key West and it looks like we’ll be here until Saturday. The winds have been out of the east (the direction we want to go) at 15-20 knots. This has created 5-8 foot seas outside of the Gulf Steam and higher waves in the Gulf Stream. So rather than trying to push through what would be like a ride in a washing machine we have decided to stay put.


By Saturday the winds will have dropped and shifted to a more favorable (for sailing) direction. We are also watching the storm trying to develop in the Caribbean and are hoping to be well to the east of it should it move into the Gulf of Mexico.  


So what have we been doing – walking. We’ve been spending the afternoons walking around Key West and enjoying some of the finer establishments. Here we are in Sloppy Joe’s – I guess it’s time for another round.



Roberta loves the colors and vegetation of Key West.  Here are a couple of pictures taken on Duval Street – the main party/shopping street.




A note about cats on board. Long haired cats like ours shed – a lot! Cat hair is everywhere and we’re beginning to think of it as a condiment.