Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 14 Jun 2011 16:14

15:46.036N 088:49.637W


Tuesday June 14, 2011  11AM


We made it to Guatemala yesterday and surprisingly there were no problems clearing in - it took less than 2 hours. By 11AM we were on our way up the Rio. We couldn’t get to our marina by dark so we stopped part way  in a marina called Texan Bay. After the previous couple of nights thunderstorms we were very  tired so had dinner and crashed, but not for long. Once again the thunderstorms rolled through and for about 4 hours we battled leaks. One of the leaks resembled a water feature some people like to have in their garden.


The trip up the Rio was amazing. The high walls along the river and the vegetation made the rain worthwhile. I’m afraid that the pictures we took won’t do it justice.


In the morning people who had been here for years said it was the worst storm they had seen in the Rio – lucky us.


So it looks like we’ll spend a second night here to dry out before heading to our marina.