Rodriguez Key (Key Largo)

Stephen and Roberta Arnold
Tue 29 Jun 2010 23:19

25:03.5264N 080:27.0657W


Tuesday June 29, 2010 7PM


We ended up spending an extra day in Marathon. When we woke up we were both still tired (I don’t sleep well the first night at an anchorage) so decided to sleep in and spend the day there.


Another great sail. 6 to 7+ knots most of the way with winds 15-20 knots. I had one of those hard decisions today. We were sailing at 7+ knots towards and squall line. It looked like I would miss it, or at least the worst of it if we did nothing. In the end I chickened out and dropped some sails to make sure. And the sailing was going so well.


It also gave me the opportunity to fix my wind generator. I got the part in Ft Myers, but didn’t try to install it in Key West because the anchorage was too rough. I needed to stand on the davits to make the repair so it waited. Anyway one way to get the wind to calm down is to fix the wind generator. Winds went from 15 knots to less than 10 within minutes of fixing it.


I had to replace another engine impeller – it sure didn’t last long. It was one that came with an engine I bought so it may have been used. The latest one I installed I know hasn’t been used and I’m wondering if there is a shelf life for impellers. We’ll see how long the new one lasts.


No picture today, we are anchored behind Rodriguez Kay off Key Largo and there is nothing but a tree covered island.


New stop is probably Key Biscayne.