52:41.4N 43:28.3W

Sula Sula III
Sun 9 Jul 2023 15:38
So drama from last night.... The furling line on the new Harken furler for the Genoa parted.... I have plenty of spare lines, but didn't get a spare for the new furler..... Didn't see that as vulnerable. Not sure if the line was supplied by Harken or by Evolution rigging, either way it's a nuisance. Tried platting a join (I bet there is a YouTube video on how to join two 12 strand pieces of rope) but failed under a moderate winch test. So resorted to tying each strand together..... So far so good! But will only be able to have full Genoa unless I can find a way of fixing the furling line forward of the break point.
I have tackled..... The wind is supposed to come more northerly....but now only a few degrees north of east. Sula is not great upwind.....she struggles at anything better than 50/55° to the wind in any kind of sea. So basically tacking through 120° is a little frustrating. (Where do the other 10 degrees come from?) All the grib dots have left me behind.... But I think as long as I stay in this wind belt I should escape the chasing hole.
A bit sad that I spend all day trying to keep up with some virtual boats.....perhaps I should just turn it all off?
Talking of boats, haven't seen one since the last of the fishing boats on the banks. This really is a pretty isolated part of the planet. Would be tough if something major parted.... Like one of the halyards.... Can't see how I could fix that out here. Even hove to, I wouldn't fancy a visit to the masthead without someone on a winch. Anyway..... Hopefully the furler line will be my only bit of damage to report.
Oh....almost forgot, the fog has lifted and there is watery sunshine. Not enough to be warming, but putting some amps back into the batteries. I can't believe how well we are doing given the sketchiness of the wind; 142 miles again in 24 hrs to midday UT. and given the number of course changes that is pretty impressive. Could we make some East soon though....please!

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