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Sula Sula III
Fri 3 Feb 2023 14:59
Friday again already....didn't have to give Charlie a lift up to Carriacou yesterday (phew!) Would have been a bit of a mission to get up there and back before the gig. Stijn has gone to take his last dive to get his diving certification this morning and I have come to Phare Bleu to get some internet (it is down at Rogers again).
Plenty happening this weekend and early next..... 49th aniversary of independence for Grenada on Tuesday.....everything will be closed and everyone will be at the beach (again....as they will be there on Sunday too!) On Wednesday it is Bob Marley's birthday so the Rastas will be celebrating some more. (We have tickets for a bit of a do....) Looks like I will delaying my trip back to Carriacou until Thursday Friday next week. Oh..... and then it will soon be Carnival time there, so a bit more partying will be required. Caribbean time is very strange..... The days are actually quite short; basically 6.00am to 6.00pm so on one level time flies by.... But also it seams to take so long to do stuff.....I went to Budget Marine Chandlery yesterday to get a few bits.....caught the bus about 11.00 but didn't get back until 15.00 hrs and of course only half of what I went for was in stock.
Meanwhile.....Pau and Mario are hiking in Martinique and yesterday I got a WattsApp from Marcello and Lulu with stunning pictures of their diving in Egypt. I would love to dive.... Problem is that my eyes are so bad that I would see very little. But hey.....seeing stuff is only part of the experience, right?

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