12:00.37N. 61:43.84W

Sula Sula III
Sat 11 Feb 2023 03:15
Stan left this morning; we shared a taxi and dropped Stan off at the airport. I then got quite a lot done on the way back without having to wait for busses. Went to the dentist, got a local SIM card, called at the shippers office to see what the hold up is, picked up some detailed charts for the Grenadines, and went to Port Louis to extend my cruising license.
Back at Phare Bleu to get some washing done and use the internet then home to cook. I have some really nice fresh Dasheen and Sweet potatoes and the taxi driver gave me a huge Yam which has clearly only recently been cut. Will make a one pot meal this evening that will fuel tomorrow's trip.
The St David (see below) spent the last couple of nights anchored in the bay.....I tried to persuade Stan we should call them up on 16 and ask if they could afford some music for their guests before dinner.....I had worked out that the cost would have to be $1,130 for a half hour set, to make us as valuable to the guests as the stay on the yacht. It can be chartered from $325,000 per week (34.72 a minute) Obviously in high season it would be more. Anyway Stijn would not countenance the plan; he said that they had lowered the tone of the neighbourhood. And he would never seek to venture to the heart of Babylon. It is pretty obscene; that level of opulence when the material standards of the Grenadians is so remote.
I will miss Stijn. He always sought to conduct himself immaculately. He was indeed like the last of the European Bears; strong, fearless and open with a constant smile and an infectious laugh. People engaged with him easily, and he was considerate around the boat. We also made music that was a great help to me trying to find the bass again.
Now up to Carriacou on my own again....will be the longest solo trip.....quite exciting!!

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