Benji Bay

Sula Sula III
Mon 6 Mar 2023 20:59
Been back in Benji Bay for a few days now......I do like it here. Met a couple from London on the bus and suggested we met later at Hogg Island....(it being Saturday) They were blown be fair Silver and the guys treated us like kings and queens. Sam was trying to get her Grenada passport and Jacek was enjoying the holiday. They kept saying that they were in is so easy to start to take the beauty for granted; it is really only when fresh eyes see it that we fully realize how special it is.
With that in mind, Alice and Phil will arrive tomorrow with grandchildren.....I can't wait to see it all through their eyes!
Then Margie comes out for 10 days........So excited.....Hurry up!! I guess there might not be much update for a while?