22:10.2N 19:09.6W

Sula Sula III
Wed 21 Dec 2022 08:41
This is yesterday's news..... had to power down the satalite kit to try and conserve battery life.... you might even get another update later?

Had our first 100miles in 24 hrs last night.... Wind is now up to 12-15 knots and we have been achieving up to 7knots over the ground....(must be a bit of current in there).
Several large pods of dolphins today....one with over 80. They stay playing and showing off for up to half an hour. One jumped well over 5 metres in the air travelling down wind just past the boat so took off just in front of the bow and landed well behind us. Very impressive.
Fishing line out for the first time......no luck so far. According to the experts in Las Palmas fishing gear shop we should be targeting Albacore for the fist thousand miles or so. None of would recognize one so we recon whatever we catch we will assume it begins with an A. New watch system.....perverted Swedish.... Will let you know if it works in a few days.