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Sula Sula III
Sat 28 Jan 2023 15:56
Friday evening Jam at Hogg Island.....Tom has lent Stijn (Stan for the anglophiles) a guitar and we had a tidy practice last night....The gig is back on!! Other news....the battery for the electric outboard seems to have shorted internally....looks like I will have to increase my carbon jackboot and get a 2 stroke outboard. (Sorry Mario!) Will be good to have a spare outboard anyway. It does leave us vulnerable without one! Seamark Nunn (whom I bought the Spirit from) have been great but even if E-propulsion UK can send me a replacement battery it will be several weeks before it arrives.
Stijn and I will go to the Hash this afternoon if we can get there!! And tomorrow afternoon Tom will drop by for a bit of a Jam.....should be good!

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