12:16.4N 61:47.7W

Sula Sula III
Wed 18 Jan 2023 23:39
Good to be sailing again!! Off to Cariacou.....we were going to overnight in Dragon Bay but there was a fair swell and it was good to be sailing again so decided to press on through the night ( and go a long way off shore to avoid arriving in the dark)
Spoofed for the watches....the same order as the crossing came out with Pau ending up with two.
The last 10 days has been eventful: we had to nurse the engine back to life with the help of Cory from Palm Tree Marine (brilliant bunch of guys) after it filled with seawater during the crossing. When we anchored in Clarke's Court it was clear we should have serviced the Windlass in the Canaries (it wasn't working properly there) now having to lower and raise by hand which works with the full crew but would be impossible for me on my own. We had someone coming to look at it on Sunday...but apparently as he got close to Sula he was alarmed to see so many "sausages" on display and aborted his visit. The guys like to swim in the morning and rinse down with fresh water on the deck. I did explain to Roger (our host at Spronks) that there was nothing really frightening about the European Sausages, so he arranged for another attempt on Tuesday. Again no-show so we decided to head off for a bit anyway.
In other news, we have been booked to play at Rogers "Full Moon Party" on 4th Feb; Mario will have left by then so we will be "The Sula Sula Three" but as we only have one guitar and the bass we haven't yet worked out any numbers we can all play in.
Will keep you posted on Sausagegate and other matters over the next few days.