12:27.41N 61:29.41W

Sula Sula III
Tue 14 Feb 2023 13:26
Coming up to Carriacou took longer than I estimated.....I decided to come up the windward side (east coast) as the west route had been such a slog. With the wind north of east that meant a beat most of the way.... Certainly until I got past Bird Island. There was a fair bit of current too....I could make 6 knots on port tack but only 4 (over the ground) on starboard. This all resulted in my arrival in Tyrrel in the dark. Not ideal really with no structured lighting and only the anchor lights of other boats to guide me in. I anchored as soon as I hit 10 metres depth and then moved her into 5 metres this morning.
Charlie is coming over in half an hour or so.....I will get the dinghy ready. Mustn't forget to give him his two bottles of black gold.... Even more expensive than the shells he sells!!