24:59.1 N 64:44.9 W

Sula Sula III
Wed 14 Jun 2023 00:34
Definitely noticing the evenings getting a bit cooler. Red sky this morning, and red sky tonight.....just as well there are no Shepard's out here or they would be very confused. There are some high altitude clouds about though, the first I have seen for many months. It's a weird feeling; they are both comforting and ominous.
We were entertained by birds today. I have no idea what they were, but looked like some sort of Petral. They soared the very moderate swell and seas at speeds we estimated at twenty to thirty miles an hour, staying in ground effect (actually water effect) until they wanted to turn, when they would accelerate in the meagre lift generated on the face of a wave and climb to affect their manouver. Sula was clearly important to them as whatever it was that they were eating to give them the energy to fly for hours with such consumate ease was disturbed by our passage through the water. The birds would fly at us from the stern and wheel downwind in their final approach to afford a graceful upwind landing either in front, abeam or directly astern of us. They would then duck their heads below the surface to look for whatever our wake had disturbed. Occasionally they would dive but generally they would simply sit there watching us lumber away from them at our paltry five or six knots until such time as they felt it appropriate to repeat the exercise. There was one bird in particular that would land within a couple of feet of our stern, and they all seemed to have preferred technique that they stuck to.
Not much else to report; we managed another 150 miles yesterday but the wind is forecast to drop and more southerly over the next couple of days, so at some point we will likely go to twin headsails poled out. Instruments off at night has allowed the panels to gain in the battery charging again. Back up to 90% by sunset today. Water maker is on for two hours in the middle of the day and gives us 10ltrs for washing or showering. I am drinking it as I am a bit dubious about what might be growing in the tanks after so long in the tropics.