12:37.45N. 39:49.1W

Sula Sula III
Thu 29 Dec 2022 21:17
Today's dilemma has been around when to celebrate New Years Eve...of course the boat is on Universal Time (where did that come from? It has been GMT for centuries....I suggested to the guys it must have been an EU directive) but today we spoofed for who was going to take a four hour watch (Still operating the Mario system) just to slip it an hour to adjust the 2 hour watches from the current 10.00pm 06.00am to 11.00pm to 07.00am to allow for the changing daylight hours as we move inexorably west. So this gave us another option for determining when 2023 will begin for us. There are two more of course.... We could simply identify which time zone we are in (at least we could if we could Google it) or we could check exactly what time midday is on 31st by taking a noon site, estimate the distance we will travel West in 12 hrs and consulting the Almanac determine an exact time for our location. The relative nature of time is brought acutely into focus on a passage in many ways. The Aboriginal idea that if one travels faster than walking pace significant parts of consciousness, spirit, soul and ancestral connection get left behind....and may never find one again, also adopts greater plausibility. Everything slows down on a passage and we have all found ourselves seeking the Zen way to achieve even the simplest of tasks (just because any other way would require energy we cannot spare).
Food, in particular the main meal of course, adopts disproportionate importance.....sometimes discussions about menu options for tomorrow can go on for half an hour.