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Sula Sula III
Sat 28 Jan 2023 15:09
For some reason this update didn't load on Wednesday.....
Try again......

Sunday went to Tim's sunset beach bar for a fair well lunch. Half a lobster each and some really good snorkeling. We had a quick game of Petanque before lunch which I managed to win thanks to all the practice at Tim and Sarah's track by the windmill.
Mario and Pau are heading North and Stan and I have returned to Roger's. (Really nice to get a shower again after sea water washing.) We have agreed to have some sort of a reunion at some place (yet to be determined) at some time in the future (yet to be determined).
Very pleased that there was no more water ingress into the engine with the following seas on the way down.... I am meeting someone from Palm Tree on Friday to try and get to the bottom of it. The welding of the brake for the anchor windlass needs to be tested so we will go for a play this afternoon after doing the washing.
It is Grenada regatta starting on Sunday..... Apparently they all go up to Carriacou on Saturday for a race round the Island on Monday then come back to a big party at Phar Bleu on Tuesday night....if we get everything done before then we might do that.
Pau has left with the guitar, which rather puts the gig on a more fragile footing. I called Roger yesterday to see if he thought we could find one...."no problem" was his response. Will see what happens?

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