28:07.83N 15:25.55W

Sula Sula III
Wed 14 Dec 2022 18:44
So end of Leg one on Saturday about midday.... The pilot says this marina always has space but when we called them up it was full! We decided to anchor and stay until we got customer clearance at least on the Monday.
Tender out, pumped up and on our first landing we were asked if we needed crew to Caribbean.....(subsequently pestered all the way to the bar) our entire focus was on the first beer.
At the marina office we presented our papers and were told we were one of 50 boats anchored waiting for a birth. OK.....let's go somewhere else on Monday after securing entrance.
Really good night's sleep.
Sunday AM bar for coffee and I noticed another guy sticking up a poster looking for a boat......in the launderette ( early job to earn coffee) we saw dozens of them. Mainly hippies some with dogs so easy to ignore....but this guy was different and so was his notice....2 Spanish guys with yacht master quals and 000s miles blue water....invited to join us for a coffee.

Photo below is crew for first leg.....left to right: Marcello-chief engineer, first mate, and astro navigator. Me-chef, master of the aft cabin ( luxury) and easily confused by astro navigation. Ed-Skipper, watch buggerer upper and very patient teacher of all things astro ( and a whole lot more)

I had reread the alchemist whilst in St Mawes, and it fairly quickly became apparent that I was sharing a journey with a couple of guys on the quest....magic was beginning to happen already!

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