13:34.3 N 36:08.5 N

Sula Sula III
Wed 28 Dec 2022 13:25
We are not racing, indeed two of the crew have never raced, but the disappointment of yesterday's 120 miles has obviously focused everybody's minds, and in the 24 hrs to 09.00hrs this morning we had covered 180 miles. The collective joy was palpable. So we are not racing but our subconscious competitors have delivered a run that will be hard to beat. Yes we drove the old gal pretty hard yesterday and last night we should have shortened sail before it got dark but didn't and I had to wake Mario when a big cloud produced gusts of 35knots but we have smashed the old "record" We have decided today the we should aim for 150 a day and have a couple of "comfortable" hours....one when someone is preparing main meal and another at night to aid sleeping.
The weather models are predicting a reduction in wind speed as we get closer to our goal; we have decided to defer the major clean she needs until then as we will need something to do if we get to within 700 miles and the wind dies!