Sula Sula III
Wed 26 Jul 2023 15:29
I have been reminded that I have not actually posted that I have made it back. I arrived in St Mawes on Thursday early evening. It was just like I had never left. The working boats, were heading out for an evening race, and all the people who go to the sailing club for a sundowner were all there too. Tim from the harbour masters office had been able to hear my request for a mooring, but for some reason I couldn't hear his reply so he came over in the launch to advise me on where to go. I then got a lift to the pontoon and called Immigration for clearance. I had my shower and a pint ( a couple to be honest) and got a lift back to Sula to sort the dinghy out before it got dark. I slept then for 14 hours.
On Friday, Chris, who had been in so helpful before departure, gently woke me ( probably just as well) and reminded me that Will was on his way from his house in Devon to see how I was getting on. I managed to get a bit of a tidy up before he got down, and get the dinghy on the Davits having made an appearance in the harbour master's office, and bought a couple of dozen Scallops from a passing diver ( gift for Will and Jane who were hosting my first few days of decompression.)
A couple more of pints and lunch with Chris and Will before heading back to Devon to see the gorgeous Margie who was driving down from home for the weekend. It was Margie who had given me the green light to take a year out and scratch the sailing itch that I had....what a remarkable woman she is; I cannot think of many other wives/partners who would have agreed to such a venture, especially as she hates water and boats.
So it is Tuesday now, and I have made appointments to see the doctor and dentist, taken the dogs for long walks and bought a pair of trousers that will fit me. I have lost over two stone and am now at a weight that I have not been at for forty years.... But still eating like I am at sea. Presumably that will change in due course? It is strange being back; people keep saying "well done" and similar, and think I am just joking when I tell them that anyone could do it these days with all the tech that is available, and a half decent boat.
Sula was better than half decent. Yes, there are a few things to fix, and I will go back down in a week or so and get to work, but she is a very special boat.... Certainly the idea of sailing off somewhere again is very attractive if the driving ban is not appealable. On that, I found a whole load of letters about the "case" when I got home. Apparently I could have asked them to adjourn until I got back, so that I could attend, but the police failed to let the court know that I was not in the country, and could only have e-communication. I explained to the very reasonable person in the clerks office that there had been a bit of a breakdown, and apparently I can request the case be "reopened" which I might do..... Just to see if I can get the ban duration shortened a bit.
Anyway, I have had a haircut, and made appointments to see the dentist and the doctor, (I have lost over 2 stone in weight, which given how much I have been eating, is a bit of a worry) so will defer going back to Falmouth until after those appointments.  I will reinstate the blog if I head off again, otherwise this is me and Sula signing off. thanks for following! See you soon no doubt.