12:11.4 N. 43:18.9 W

Sula Sula III
Sat 31 Dec 2022 09:37
An eventful day today....the message is clear....."slow down and enjoy the ride". Things break on a boat, we expect this. But a couple of bits of the boat ( technical term) have shown signs of the kind of fatigue that we have been suffering from. We are now thinking more in terms of 120nm per day to give us more possibility to sleep and have the energy to get jobs done.
The wind and seas have moderated considerably we now have 13 to 18 knots and hardly any swell.... Much more comfortable!
No fishing today....huge blankets of weed everywhere again.

Started this last night but fell asleep....(what joy!!) Must have netted 5 hours either side of my 01.00--03.00hrs watch. I think everyone will have caught up which will make life easier. Still managed 134nm in last 24hrs so definitely a case of "more haste less speed" BTW....Decided to go with UT NYE..... Unless this cloud goes for midday.