20:39.3N. 21:47.7W

Sula Sula III
Wed 21 Dec 2022 19:21
Over 150 miles in last 24 hrs.... Great to catch up but very uncomfortable rolling with a sea that hasn't settled into long rollers yet. Powered down a bit for tonight. No Dolphins today but we have seen our first flying fish....might have to block the scuppers if we are to harvest enough for a meal. Looks like we will need to run the generator for a couple of hours every other day (Ed you were right....again! and your proposed fix sorted the air into the fuel problem) Marcello will be glad to hear the window is fixed too.....many thanks for your help and guidance on leg one guys.....we miss you!
Stan had the bagpipes out this evening but didn't manage to call the whales. Spoof with no gloating rules has been used to sort out who does the chores that don't get struck off the list.