24:48.2N 16:19.W

Sula Sula III
Sun 18 Dec 2022 22:04
Left the African coast about midday now heading towards the western most islands of Cape Verde. Only 10knots of wind but still getting 4 knots with both headsails poled out. No swell so very pleasant in the sunshine. Augustnot 5th member of the crew (autopilot) has turned out to be a better helmsman than any of us...... Very annoying, but on his/her (not sure how he/she defines herself yet) least interventionist setting there is far less braking effect of moving the rudder than any of us can achieve. Despite our resentment of this, there is a growing respect. Morale is high as we settle into a bit of a routine and Stan has been promoted to head chef. Have had to stick the generator on for a couple of hours as our earlier route south had shaded the solar panels. None of us like burning diesel so we have decided to go "cloaked" with all instruments off for a few hours a day at least.
Luckily Sam remembered to call his girlfriend yesterday and let her know where he had hidden her present.