52:32.5N 30:25.7W

Sula Sula III
Thu 13 Jul 2023 12:09
14.00hrs. 12.07. Just worked out that the nearest land to where I am now is still Greenland and it is over 1000nm away. It truly is a wilderness out here. The shower pump is blowing a fuse..... I replaced it in Levington before I left (the pump that is) so it's more likely that the switch/ sensor has water ingress.... Will have to wait until I get somewhere.
I think I have worked out why the furling line broke.....I replaced all the cable ties with seizing wire on all the anchor shackles; it looks like at some point the furling line has flicked under the anchor, and that has frayed it enough that it broke when under tension with 3/4 Genoa. Only thing I can think of.
18.00hrs.... just had 3 hours sleep..... Without a single wind shift alarm...Seem to be catching up on the zzzzs now. The wind has crept back up to 12 knots now and we are making over 6. Can't be bad.
A ship appeared fleetingly on AIS about 40 miles south of us. As so often when at range, it disappeared only to reappear 5 mins later appearing to have turned through 180 degrees..... Took me a little while to work out there were two ships appearing and disappearing alternately.
21.30. The image doesn't really capture how dreichc (Scottish borders word to describe the predominate weather.....not sure of the spelling but a great word.) The upwind view is..... It gives nothing away....without the Gribs, you would not have a clue what was coming down the tracks.
I have been asking myself why I don't put the heater on and get a bit of a "fugg up" as my father used to say.....it does seem a very attractive idea, but the answer is simple.... I would deny any need to go to the cockpit. The warmth of the doghouse would be far too alluring, and surely I don't really need to shorten sail just now.... This 20 knots will be back down to 12 soon?
00:00. 13.07. wind seems to have settled at 14 or 15 knots...Augustnot is coping on sensitivity 2....I might turn in for some zzzzs..
08.00. been practicing heaving too and reducing the main in the 20 knot spells.... No problem in the 1 or 2 metre seas now but in tomorrow's 4 metre seas will be interesting to see how she fairs. Genoa away.....3/4 staysail and main down to first spreaders still averaging 7 knots 120° to the wind....all very comfortable, will try and get loads of sleep today, as may need to helm a fair bit in the 48hrs from midnight tonight... Both models are forecasting wind up to 27 knots with gusts to 33. Not sure Augustnot will be up for that, and anyway there is nothing quite like downwind sailing in a big sea.
Looks like I should arrive early on Wednesday.....🤞🏼might not be able to get a beer at that time.... Will have to settle for a tot of Grenada rum?
12.00 just done the midday fix; 148 on the plotter and 142 on the chart. Shortened sail again, about half staysail and half main but still making 6.5 to 7 knots 90° to the wind. Seas are starting to show signs of building a bit too. I can hear the wind howling in the rigging now so can listen for the gusts and any general increase. Pockets of rain are scurrying through just to try and throw me off my very conservative sail area reduction policy.....I still have to keep reminding myself we are cruising. Why is it that I still want optimum performance..... Even when I know that if I slowed up a bit now, I would have a more gentle time in a couple of days?

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