6 months!

Sula Sula III
Thu 16 Feb 2023 14:31
It is now nearly six months since I moved into Sula full time.... No wonder I got anxious being away from her the night before last which I spent at Helen and Charlie's place, which is truly beautiful by the way (see photo below of view towards Union Island in the distance). It is difficult to explain why I needed to get back to Sula... and I am sure my hosts considered my behaviour a little strange (if not rude); I mean why would you rather be in a floating caravan if you could have a bed with fine cotton sheets and great company all from a stunning viewpoint? Anyway, have arranged to sail round to Saline on Saturday with Charlie and Helen, had intention to do so yesterday afternoon but a couple of Stags and the post lunch hour made the decision slightly less than wise in the end so we had another rum instead.
No more drinking for a week now....The dentist I visited for a quick polish up was horrified by the wobbly tooth: she insisted it must come out, and by the time she had cleaned my teeth it was very loose indeed. She prescribed a course of antibiotics to ensure no infection when she sees me on 28th to remove the tooth. Margie will not be happy....a wild beard and a gap are not what she signed up for!!
Talking of Margles, she really has been incredible.....I do not know many women who would support their partner to do what I have been able to do. I know it has been difficult for her, but she continues to be stoic and I can't wait to see her next month. She will of course love the warmth and the beech lifestyle but not sure she will want to do much more than half day sails to explore so we will be based on Union Island so I can jump to Tobago Keys and see how it goes.

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