22:24.4 N 64:34.9 W

Sula Sula III
Mon 12 Jun 2023 22:17
Say hi to Junior! To be fair he has picked things up pretty fast. He is very determined and something of a perfectionist so mastering the helming has become a mission. I have suggested that it will take a week to ten days.... He says he will have it nailed in five.....(just as well there is no money riding on it as he is definitely looking like favourite at the moment.)
Alchemy or Karma have been at work getting Junior on board for the trip. In his notes about himself, he explained that it was Marlon, not Michael ( the other young man I had been in contact with who wanted miles for his yacht masters) who had contacted him. Marlon was a contact of Michael's who called me up offering his professional services being a delivery skipper. I thanked him, but explained that I was pretty much resigned to a solo trip, but had space for anyone needing experience or miles. Meanwhile Junior who had helped Marlon deliver a Cat to Martinique a couple of months ago, had called Marlon saying he wanted any sailing experience going...
Junior is a very quick learner, only has to be shown something once, and is utterly respectful of this old man and his space; day four and he is already a real asset to the trip. Nonetheless, I am a bit concerned about his provisions; he only eats Channa (chick peas) and raw fresh vegetables and fruit. Keeping fresh vegetables in this heat for more than three weeks will be a challenge. Despite secreting his green bananas in different parts of the boat in the dark and below the waterline, they have clearly all spoken to each other and ripened simultaneously; let's hope everything else doesn't follow suit!
Conditions really could not be better.....gentle breeze on the beam and no sea to speak of.....does make me wonder what this beautiful ocean might have in store for us up in the 50's. If she stays this benign it would be extraordinary; but if she is just softening us up we might get the full humbling experience when we get into the depression belt.

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