11:29.3 N. 53:08.4 W

Sula Sula III
Wed 4 Jan 2023 21:22
We have eaten well today.....as indeed we have all trip. Food and mealtimes take on a disproportionate importance on a passage....Eating is the principle diversion from driving the boat; whether that be steering, trimming, reading,resting or sleeping. There is not much else to do....
So today we had Mario's Carbonara; he started frying onion chillies and almost a whole head of Garlic before adding mushrooms and Serrano ham and cream (I know....Marcello would be outraged) no eggs!! Afterwards we had half a bottle of Port and some chocolate. This evening, a light snack of the last of yesterday's Tuna and "garden salad" fresh bean sprouts which grow fast in this heat and rice with finely chopped cabbage.
The 6th of Jan is another feast day in Spain but the guys have decided to bring forward the Reyeus Magus festival as they suspect we have enough sweet stuff to make it a two day festival....We will eat like kings again tomorrow.
The small but annoying ingress of water triggering the bilge pump from time to time was finally traced back to the rudder stock.....I had been religiously greasing it every three days....(advice from previous owner) but on a long passage it probably should have been twice a day.... Anyway repacked and bilge pump silenced. Will have to rinse bilges with fresh water again when we get a chance. And I will need to repaint the engine room when I get still for a while.

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