47:36.4N 52:30.3W

Sula Sula III
Wed 5 Jul 2023 17:54
So I'm off.....it's 16.00 hrs UT....I will switch to that for the rest of the journey. Charlie hurt his shoulder again last evening; he dislocated it 6 weeks ago and his fall has set his recovery back a bit. He is delaying departure and Canadian Mark thinks he might go tomorrow..... I have my doubts, and think he will leave when Charlie does.
Looks like I have between 8 and 15 knots of wind for a couple of days which should get me off the banks and away from the fog and bergs.....(I didn't get an update on Berg density as it might have put me off.) I recon at night I will drop my speed to 3 knots and just try and keep awake until I am clear of the risk. It's only about 200 miles so should get that done in 48 hrs even dropping to 3 at night.
Wind is up and down like a yo-yo..... Must be something to do with proximity to land still just just shifted 90° right on the nose for 20mins... Going to stick the engine on for a few hours of daylight.... Will keep you posted!