45:38.6N 52:20.9W

Sula Sula III
Thu 29 Jun 2023 08:31
This is a very strange part of the world...... The fog is not like home fog; the droplets are the size of drizzle droplets, but somehow appear to defy gravity and just hang in the air. If you go forward to do something you are soaked by the time you return to the cockpit and if the hatch is left open the stuff will be creeping across the chart table and even exploring the galley if you are not careful. Hard to believe that 5 days ago I was in shorts putting factor 50 on the tops of my ears and nose, and now in full thermal kit with air temperature at 5°C at a guess. As we crossed the 200ft contour onto the banks I put the echo sounder on just out of curiosity....That was 150 miles away, and the depth has been between 76 and 84 metres ever since. The place is spooky, and I can see why it would be chosen for yachting disaster movies.
3 Orcas paid us a fleeting visit last night....I did turn the auto pilot off just in case they were the Portuguese pod on vacation...but quickly realized that no mammal in it's right mind would come here on holiday. They showed for breath 3 or 4 times then disappeared into the glowming which had a metallic hue with the moon above trying to force a passage.
It is 4.30 in the morning here and this is about as bright as it will get all day. In seven miles we will be entering the real Southern limit of the bergs so might not get a chance to update for a while....just under 120 miles to go to St John so if we can make 4 knots will be there about 10.00 in the morning on Friday....wonder if we will see anything?

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