49:00.5N 48:03.4W

Sula Sula III
Fri 7 Jul 2023 14:15
Had the big sleep.... 6 maybe 7 hrs without any alarms, AIS or windshift..... Bliss! And Sula averaged over 4 knots so made some miles too. Now still chasing apparent corridor of wind to take me North East to cross a narrow ridge of high and get into the tail of passing depressions. That is the theory.... But despite redoing my boat Polars, the models on Predict Wind are still 10% faster than we are making, which means I still need to do some interpolation myself.
The whales followed us for about an hour and a half..... I assume they were the same ones.....there were three I could hear breathing....the only one I glimpsed (apart from the first one that surfaced right next to the boat) was a youngster....still pretty enormous rolling in the fog about 150m away. Late in the evening before it got dark, the fog lifted a bit and I had half a mile visibility but the whales had moved on.
Since I woke (about 09.00 UT) we have made 5.8.to 6 knots in 11 apparent.... Sailing a beam reech with full main and Genoa and hardly any sea to speak of: couldn't really be much more benign? If the blue hole doesn't catch us the little boat in the picture is where I should be in 12 hrs.🤞🏼
The batteries are taking a bit of a beasting.....might have to switch off the plotter whilst I am awake.... Will see if the sun manages to burn through the fog today and put some amps back in.

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