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Sula Sula III
Sun 5 Feb 2023 18:57
Well.... Apparently the gig was pretty good judging by all the compliments we got afterwards.... Stan had a list minute bagpipe crisis which was unresolvable. That set us off on a tough start....(set already cut by 6 mins) and the soundcheck was short for the on-stage sound but took ages out front. Anyway we didn't have time for a break after soundcheck and before our set so no chance to get someone a phone for pictures and clips. Stan smashed it....even getting away with mentioning gender fluidity....
Someone might have some images that will catch up with us later?
Today is a day of rest.... Shopping on Monday as everything will be closed on Tuesday then off to celebrate Bob's birthday with the 12 Tribes....have to dress in white so need to find Stan something to wear!!
Tuesday need to find somewhere to have an "Oil Down" gone long on roots so will need to find somewhere we can share them or even better trade for fish?
Image below is from an early rehearsal when there were still three.....we missed you Pau!

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