36:48.5 N 58:21.4 W

Sula Sula III
Thu 22 Jun 2023 19:19
Well OK....I take it all back about the tech. Eventually we tacked last night as all the models were shouting the same song. They said we would be heading North West after tacking then get a gradual lift until we would be making North by 8.00 pm ships time. (I will come back to that) well fair enough, it appears the algorithms know their shit; we are only 10 degrees off that at 14.00hrs.
Changing the time on board has really freaked Junior. He could not get his head around wiping half an hour off two consecutive watches allowed us to change the time....quite legitimately! He still wants to know what happened to the missing hour....it's a reasonable question. He now thinks I am a Time Lord as well as "Keeper of the Wind in the Sails" So I have told him he can decide when we shift another hour (or two) by making sure the 3 hr watches are all in darkness, and he too can be a Time Lord.
The barometer is climbing quickly....it has gone from 1035 to 1040 in just over 12 hrs... I am now quite relieved we tacked to skirt round the Western edge of the abyss; I can imagine that at its centre it will be a very still place.
Spoke to Margie yesterday on her return from Ireland....she asked if we wanted to kill each other yet.... So I asked Junior and he replied that he couldn't kill me as that would leave him stuck out here with insufficient understanding of how to get anywhere. I think I was reassured but made a mental note not to teach him too much navigation, and definitely not to show him where the charts are! I certainly couldn't kill him as he is six feet and quite a lot, and very fit and agile, as well as being a light sleeper.