Oh No!!

Sula Sula III
Wed 22 Feb 2023 20:24
It would appear that the St David is following me........stalking even!! Quite extraordinary really....12 guests but they never go ashore. I asked a few locals this morning to have a guess at the weekly charts costs for the boat; I did say "off season" which might have thrown them a bit..... All the guesses were between $2000 US and $5000 US. When I told them it started at $325,000 US a week they were visibly shocked.
But although they are spending over $32 US a minute, none of that money is coming to Carriacou..... There must be a better way of managing it; there are over 100 yachts in Tyrell bay this afternoon.....very few will be using holding tanks (if they have them) as there are no facilities for emptying them. Surely a one off payment per yacht entering the Grenada waters would pay for the installation of suitable kit in 4 or 5 key sites in Grenada waters before the next season?

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