19:10.3 N 63:35.4 W

Sula Sula III
Sun 11 Jun 2023 13:26
So less than 3 days to the BVIs is pretty good going... Another 138 miles in the last 24 hrs but all the weather models are saying we need to sail up to Bermuda (6 days or so) before making any East. Let's hope that changes on the way! The direct route from Bermuda takes us through the June/July iceberg limit, and that has very limited appeal. So you may be wondering about Junior....(at 36 years old not so Junior) I have asked him to jot down a few words of introduction, but I know he had seafaring family and he has always felt the pull of the ocean. He has done a couple of Island hops, and worked for a while long lining for Tuna. He is struggling with holding a compass course at the moment, but that will come. We are having to turn off the auto pilot at night as the solar panels cannot keep the batteries above 80% if we use it 24/7.
I do think it is a disease of the modern sailor; GPS has meant that dead reconning is obsolete as a navigational must, so a little wandering is neither here nor there now and there is no imperative to be able to steer a compass course in any sea conditions and in any wind.
The conditions so far could not have been better; 8 to 20 knots of wind ( tends to die off a bit at night) and slight or moderate seas. Staysail and 3/4 main most of the time, and occasionally mizzen to balance her. It looks like the wind will drop off in 2 or 3 days and come aft... So we might have to go to poled out headsails again which should be more comfortable in a slight sea state!