Still here (again)

Sula Sula III
Sat 11 Feb 2023 18:39
Decided a bit of time on my own was precious so now not going to Carriacou before Monday. Lots to digest from experiences over the last few weeks. Independence day was a very tangible coming together for families communities and the island. Nonetheless, many do not believe they are independent and this is apparent when asking what independence day means, and also apparent in the clear frustration many, especially younger, Grenadians demonstrate towards yachties and/or cruise shippers. There is a web of paradox here; many people are virtually self sufficient through what they grow and rear in conjunction with neighbours. So whilst there is no national independence there are relatively high levels of individual independence. Clearly huge opportunity for business development, and yet many of the businesses servicing the yachties in particular, are ex-pat owned.
Everybody who drinks beer has either Stag or Carib and they believe they are drinking local beer....ownership of the brewery is now with Diageo who via Guinness, appear to have transferred ownership from one company in it's group to another. 150 people are employed on the site, I guess mainly local, which produces 750k cases that retail locally at $83ec or 5 or 6 a bottle. That equates to between $60m and $100m of retail value produced by 150 people with some collective expertise. (500,000 each) so even if we assume wholesale value is half of the lowest figure that is still over $200k per employee. Whilst Diageo's "Society 2030 Spirit of Progress" their 10 year plan to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world, reads very well, one has to ask why they are hoovering up independent producers all over the world rather than action that would better fit their mission like sending advisors and supplying modern equipment?
So what then stops the existing team from seeking capital assistance from central government and taking back full control? Maybe a tour of the brewery should follow?

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