11:28.2 N. 50:52.9 W

Sula Sula III
Tue 3 Jan 2023 22:43
The Tuna went down very well this afternoon. We have some wind again; 18 knots and constant so making reasonable progress again with more settled seas. Showers today, although our black bag shower decided to jump ship this morning, and we had to revert to bucket washing. We made a start on cleaning up some of the rust stains with lemon juice so we don't look too scruffy when we make land.
Still no answer from any of the yards on Grenada.....keen to find somewhere we can get hauled out quickly to get a couple of fairly critical jobs done, and to replace any anodes wash down the hull and re-antifoul etc. I guess they are all pretty flat out, and of course they will recognize my number as a sat phone... But not replying to emails either. We might just have to turn up and see?