13:49.6 N. 35:03.6 W.

Sula Sula III
Wed 28 Dec 2022 00:22
This morning discovered only 120 miles again in last 24 hrs.....( Only put an x on the chart once a day) We were all expecting a big one as the GPS had been showing over 7 knots over the ground for most of the day. We are clearly still struggling to keep her in a straight line in this not chaotic but unformed sea. Wind up to 18 with gusts of 25 under some of the clouds. Tricky to get the sail configuration right especially at night when we can't see them coming so well. Albert left us a most unwelcome gift on his departure....the panels were almost completely covered in excrement; white and not black. We will no longer welcome aerial visitors! Sailing through huge rafts of weed all day today like the tumble weed of the ocean....wonder where it all ends up?
Much better day today....decided to drive her a bit harder; we are all expecting a record day's run in nine hours!